Machine Id-0001360 - Fluid Bed Dryer - FBD - 120 kg

  • Published on: 14 Sep, 2017
  • Category: Chemical and Pharmaceutical Machinery
  • Location: Maharashtra, India
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120 KG


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Machinery
KAMAL Engineering
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Buy second hand Fluid Bed Dryer - FBD.
Machine is in working condition.
Price is negotiable.
Drying capacity:120 kg of product having initial moisture content from 20 to 25%.
Gross capacity of product bowl 600 litres.
Working capacity of product bowl 480 litres.
The fluid bed dryer Bowl of SS 316, mounted on a SS304 Trolley, fitted with a Flange on a top and 24/110 mesh Hollander weave SS316 screen with SS304 Support plate at the bottom.
Plenum chamber is made from SS 304 .
Expansion chamber is made of SS316.

  • The product bowl is sealed from plenum chamber to expansion chamber by means of inflatable sealing gasket with uniform gap.
  • Spring loaded assembly provides static discharge for product bowl and expansion chamber.
  • The finger bags are made from cotton cloth to prevent static discharge and are connected to a pneumatically operated bag shaking device.
  • The finger bag chamber and top dish end are made from SS304.
  • The finger bag chamber is provided with excess pressure duct, which opens when excess pressure develops inside the fluid bed dryer.
  • A blower 30 HP/7500 M3/H/400 mm Water Gauge pressure supplies sufficient air for fluidization of product. with epoxy coated outside and inside FRP lining & impeller with full FRP lining for anticorrosion.
  • The air inlet is provided with 5micron pre – filter, which traps dirt and suspended particles in air and has an manual adjustable damper.
  • Steam radiator for heating is provided by aluminum finned SS 304 seamless tube steam coil.
  • Easy observation windows of 100 mm dia are provided on the finger bag chamber/expansion chamber & product bowl.
  • SS304 Standard control panel for operating consist of R-Y-B lamp, main on/off selector switch, blower on/off push button, steam on/of push button, inflatable sealing push button, timer, temp controller cum indicator.
  • Electrical power - 3 ph 415 volts 50 Hz 20 Hp for standard unit without Hepa.
  • Steam - 3 Kgs/cm2. 70 kgs/hour.
  • Compressed Air - 6 kgs/cm2. 20 m3/hour.
  • Complete unit with all contact parts of SS 316 and Non contact parts of SS304, internally
  • mirror finish and externally satin matt finish.
  • AHU for Hepa provision for air inlet system :               
  • The unit consist of 1.6 thk SS304 L Box with SS304 angle stiffners.
  • The box shall be having Two Doors for operating of steam coil and hepa filter in filter housing.
  • Fillters Shall be as follows:
  • 1) Pre fillter 20 micron. Size: 24” x 24” x 2” thk - 2 Nos.
  • 2) Pre filter 5 micron . size : 24” x 24” x 12” thk – 2 nos.
  • 3) 0. 3 micron Hepa filter size :24” x24”x 12” thk- 2 nos.
  • Steam coil vertically mounted on filter housing.
  • Spare bowl in SS 316:
  • The FBD Bowl of SS 316 mounted on a SS304 trolley, fitted with a flange on top and 24/110 mesh Hollander sieve SS316 screen with SS304 support plate at bottom.
  • Ducting:
  • SS 304 Ducting for inlet Dia 400 with both end flange welded type.
  • SS 304 Ducting for Exhaust Dia 400 with both end flange welded type.
  • SS 304 Ducting for Explosion Dia 200 with both end flange welded type.

  • Machine Id-0001360 - Fluid Bed Dryer - FBD - 120 kg

    • Published on: 14 Sep, 2017
    • Location: Maharashtra, India
    • Category: Chemical and Pharmaceutical Machinery